Sam Manning

Equine Therapy

Sam Manning

Equine Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage and Rehabilitation

Horses, share similarities with humans,  namely, they too can suffer from joint and muscle pain, leading to discomfort, distress, poor performance, and in the longer term, injury.

When a horse is tense, it’s nervous system gets ‘set’ at a higher alert level, at this level many physiological changes occur, which are generally not harmful for short periods of time, however this heightened state can become fixed, which can then become increasingly problematic.

There are many ways to ameliorate these issues, one way is through equine massage therapy, massage reduces the sympathetic nervous system activation, which then causes a cascade of naturally occurring systemic improvements in the body, ultimately a horse with less nervousness and an noticeably improved openness to perform well for their rider and better health outcomes generally, as described below.

I use a variety of gentle techniques to facilitate both superficial and deep release of tension. I apply specific mobilisation techniques to enhance performance and flexibility.

Equine Therapy #1

Horse & Rider Holistic Therapy

As a herd animal, a wild horse will naturally attempt to mask any injuries, this behaviour has evolved to protect the horse from predation, in other words, a display of vulnerability was once, a cause for increased likelihood of death.

If you, as a rider, are suffering from pain, or tension within your muscles, it can, of course, affect your riding ability, If you are out of ‘balance’ your horse will sense this, it will try to compensate for your tension, as if it were it’s own, adjusting its movement and physicality generally, these differences are at times, obvious, and at other times, subtly nuanced.

I take a holistic approach, looking to correct the imbalance between horse and rider. This methodology allows me to focus on combining the positive effects of treating both human and equine physiology and thereby compounding the effectiveness of the treatment, leading to better outcomes, in every sense, for both the horse and rider.

Benefits of Equine Therapy:

  • Promotes wellbeing
  • Aids performance
  • Improves rehabilitation and recovery
  • Eases stiffness and tight joints
  • Reduces compensations
  • Releases tension and aids relaxation
  • Stimulates the circulation
  • Assists with desensitisation

Not everything that needs any form of therapeutic massage has 2 legs... Reducing stress & assisting with effectively managing chronic pain in both humans & horses, Sam from @sam_thehealingroom has a fabulous way of making the connective tissues to muscles become more flexible post trauma. She's flipping lovely too & horses ADORE her. If you are based in the South Somerset/East Devon/West Dorset area & you are experiencing some muscular problems, Sam is worth the call.

Equine Therapy Price List

I am happy to travel to your horse within a 10-mile radius of Axminster, which typically covers Honiton, Chard, Lyme Regis, Bridport and Seaton. Please get in touch, if you live outside of this area and would like me to visit.

  • 1hr Equine Session – £50

(Rider treatments are performed within my treatment room)

Fuel costs are charged at 45p per mile and are exclusive of session costs.

* Clients who do not arrive for a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24 hours notice to change an appointment will be charged the full fee, which will be due before another appointment can be made.